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Bluestone Visiting Scholar Appointed Professorship in Brazil

August 20, 2012


Bluestone Center for Clinical Research is pleased to announce the faculty appointment of Dr. Daniel Bernabé to the Department of Pathology and Clinical Propedeutics at São Paulo State University (UNESP), Araçatuba School of Dentistry in São Paulo, Brazil.  

Dr. Bernabé is a postdoctoral research fellow at NYU, Bluestone Center for Clinical Research and the cancer pain laboratory of Dr. Brian Schmidt. To study the neurobiological mechanisms of anxiety and pain associated with oral cancer Dr. Bernabé employs behavioral assays to evaluate pain and anxiety in preclinical cancer models and exploits the techniques available to molecular biologists to quantify molecules and mechanisms related to pain and anxiety. He uses high-performance liquid chromatography to measure plasma catecholamine concentrations and real-time PCR to analyze the expression of stress-related genes in oral cancers.  To detect antigens in nerve cells and reveal neuronal activation in anxiety-associated areas of the central nervous system he uses immunohistochemical techniques. Dr. Bernabé participated in the NYU Pain Journal Club and will present his research findings at the 2012 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans. 

In his new appointment, Dr. Bernabé will continue his research in the Oral Oncology Center at UNESP. Dr. Bernabé will continue to collaborate with Dr. Brian Schmidt and the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research as he investigates the role of anxiety and stress in cancer progression. 



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