What you should know about oral cancer

A brief summary about oral cancer occurence, risk factors, prognosis

What is Oral Cancer?
The origin of oral cancer and the difference between cancer and tumor.    Learn more >

Oral Cancer Facts
About the incidence, recurrence and mortality of oral cancer.    Learn more >

Risk Factors
Certain factors such as tobacco or alcohol increase the risk of getting oral cancer.
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Clinical Trials
Find out if you are eligible to participate in a research study at NYU Oral Cancer Center.
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What you should know about oral cancer

The detection of oral precancers and oral cancer prevention

Oral Cancer Prevention
A combination of observation and healthy lifestyle choices.     Learn more >

Oral Precancer
Lesions that can potentially develop into oral cancer.    Learn more >

Signs and Symptoms
Sores unhealed within 14 days should be looked at by a medical professional or dentist.
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Diagnosis of Oral Cancer and Precancer
Detailed clinical exams, tests and a biopsy provide the basis for an oral cancer diagnosis.
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What you should know about oral cancer

Oral cancer treatment options, cancer pain management and restoration after extensive surgery

Oral Cancer Staging
Staging determines the degree to which the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Learn more >

Oral Cancer Treatment
The choice of treatment depends on the location, size and staging of the cancer.   Learn more >

Management of Cancer Pain and Side Effects
Many oral cancer patients struggle with pain, treatment side effects and anxiety or fatigue. 
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Rehabilitation / Dental Restoration
Surgery and radiation therapy may require extensive restoration and rehabilitation.
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