Facilities at the NYU Oral Cancer Center

Patient Care

Your relationship with NYU Oral Cancer Center begins in the state-of-art facility at the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research. The entire second floor is devoted to our oral cancer and precancer patients.  Typically all clinical procedures (such as consultations, biopsies and minor surgeries) are performed at our second-floor surgical suites, although cancer surgeries and complex reconstructive procedures are generally performed at the NYU Langone Medical Center. 
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Clinical Research Center

Clinical trials and basic scientific research are conducted within NYU’s Bluestone Center for Clinical Research in two separate state-of-the-art scientific spaces.  Both research facilities meet rigorous NIH standards for health and safety of patients and research personnel. The 8,500 sq. ft. clinical trials suite is equipped to conduct phase I through IV pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and biologic medical and dental clinical studies.  Included in the clinical suite are two surgical operatories, an eight-station dental chair operatory, medical and dental laboratories, and bedrooms for overnight studies. 

Basic Research Laboratory

Basic scientific studies into fields such as genetic biomarkers, the link between tobacco and squamous cell carcinoma, and neural pain pathways are conducted in the 1,400 sq. ft. research laboratory.  The lab is equipped to undertake molecular biology, electrophysiology and fluorescence imaging microscopy and microbiology research.  In true bench to bedside science, our translational cancer pain research lab directly applies results of innovative research at the cellular or molecular level to pain management techniques that benefit our patients.  Our scientific discoveries often lead to improvements in clinical care.